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Hey There

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As you may already guess, my name is Jelena Faergemann ;) 

A short story about me.

 I had a keen interest in fashion and textile from a very early age.

I studied fashion in Denmark at the Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design. 

Since then, I've worked on many different projects for many past years.

Through my love for creating and experimenting with different techniques, I've discovered the beauty of producing anything from a single string of yarn to my own textile design by handmade stitches, knitting machine techniques and design prints to my own textile that has generated my passion for my work.

My biggest passion in life is creating and adding uniqueness, beauty and comfort into my client's life. 

 Most of the designs I create I wear, and my families wear them. And homeware items are used in my house.

I know the quality!  I test it; we wear it, and we use it.

And, I know it can last!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or like a bespoke design. 



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