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My name is Jelena Faergemann ;) 
I design and produce knitwear, woollen accessories, textile designs, homeware design and patterns for knitting and crochet.

How I make it

All products are designed and made in my Oxfordshire studio, by hand and/or using different types of machinery to complete the work.   
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Design Samples

Custom orders

I can also create from custom colour combinations to entirely new design ideas on request.

If you like one of the designs from the website, It can be made in desired colour combination—mix and match from over 100 colours and their shades and different qualities.  Please get in touch with me if you have an interest in my work.

Behind the scenes 

How did it all start? My creative life story
From a very early age, I was interested in clothes, textile, crocheted pieces, and how things were made. My mum used to have a large, gorgeous lace-crocheted napkin on the coffee table, which was always starched, shaped and placed under a crystal vase to play a decorative role in the room. I still remember when I was sitting on the chair and examining that lace-crocheted napkin with curiosity and many questions in my mind. How is it possible to achieve that stunning structure and shape? I believe that the crocheted napkin was a seed into the creative world.
My first big project was when I was six years old when I cut one of my mother's dresses into pieces in an attempt to create a dress for myself. I still remember I was pleased about my beautiful project and proud at the same time because I did it, and I could use the sawing machine, which was a manual one, and I had to turn the side wheel with my hand on the sawing machine to create the stitches. I can't say for sure how well it was crafted, but at that time, I think I did an amazing job.
Around the age of 10, I started to learn crochet, knitting, and sewing techniques – through school projects and lots of self-taught projects.
The road wasn't straightforward all the time. I went down a few different paths in my life before I could start to study fashion in my late twenties at Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design and graduated in 2008. Even before that time, I always made some of my clothes.
I've worked on many different projects for many past years.
​Through my love for creating and experimenting with different techniques, I've discovered the beauty of producing anything from a single string of yarn to my own textile design by handmade stitches, knitting machine techniques and design prints to my own textile that has generated my passion for my work.

My biggest passion in life is creating and adding uniqueness, beauty and comfort to my creation.
I am also interested in starting to teach others and sharing my work and experiences. My first tutorial will be released in August.

I can't say for sure how it will all go, but I think It will add additional pleasure to my passion.
My personal life story.
I was born and grew up in Latvia. I lived and studied in Denmark in my youth before I moved to the UK in 2008 with my British husband.
I now call the UK my home and live with my husband, two children, and two dogs in Oxfordshire with the beautiful countryside views around us.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or like a bespoke design.
With Best wishes
Jelena Faergemann

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