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Welcome to the tutorial page.  

On this page, you can find tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels for crochet, hand knitting, machine knitting and sewing projects. Many things are in progress, and videos will be added weekly +/-. At the moment, I'm working on my crochet tutorial, and after I've completed approximately 30 tutorials for crochet, I'll start to create knitting tutorials/sewing tutorials. 

You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel to follow new updates. 

Happy crafting!

Crochet Tutorials / Crochet stitches

Crochet for beginners + Stitch Library

Image by Hello I'm Nik

Hand knitting for beginners 

JF machine knitting .jpeg

Machine knitting for beginners 

machine kn adv.jpg

Sewing projects 

Crochet work cardigan.jpg

Intermediate/Advanced crochet 

Hand knitting ad.jpg

Intermediate/Advanced hand knitting

machine knitting .jpg

Intermediate/Advanced machine knitting 

Crochet adv_edited.jpg

Advanced projects

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