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This neck warmer / snood has a 1 x 1 ribbing design. 


Colour - Mango  - 75% Super Geelong (Merino wool) 25% Angora.

Neck Warmer / Snood -75% Super Geelong (Merino wool) 25% Angora.

  • One size. Fits all.

    Geelong Lambswool is traditionally produced from Merino sheep in Geelong, Australia.

    Lambswool is 50mm short from the first shearing of the animal, at around the age of 7 months.




    Merinos’ have been specially bred to produce the softest and finest wool, and only a small percentage of all Merino Lambswool can be classified as Geelong wool due to its finest micron and is used in high-grade textiles, which are making it a highly desirable fibre.


    Geelong Lambswool is a natural fibre, soft, elastic; it does not itch, feels nice next to the skin and fine wool for luxury apparel. It is also odour resistant, durable and helps regulate body temperature. It brings style, comfort and performance and is known for its quality and versatility. 

    Angora fibre refers to the downy coat produced by the Angora rabbit.

    Angora fibre is known for its softness, silky texture and fluffiness. It is much warmer and lighter than wool due to the hollow core of the angora fibre. 

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