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This open poncho / cape/wrap has an eye-catching knitted jacquard design with its timeless geometrical two colour pattern. 


It has 5 hollow metal snap buttons on each side for adjustments and supports different variations to wear in different ways.


Colour- Metallic Grey / Linen


100% Merino Lambswool

Open Poncho / Cape / Wrap - Merino Lambswool

SKU: Cape-Wo-Long-Gr-Lin-Geo-One-size
£240.00 Regular Price
£180.00Sale Price
  • One size. Fits all.  Oversized designed. 


    The length is approximately (from top to bottom)  - 108cm.


    The width is approximately from the snap button to the snap button - 103cm and edge to edge  109cm.


    It weighs approximately - 838g


    Model height 170cm


    This Lambswool is produced from Merino sheep.


    Lambswool is 50mm short from the first shearing of the animal, at around the age of 7 months.




    Merinos’ have been specially bred to produce the softest and finest wool. It is used in high-grade textiles, making it a highly desirable fibre.


    Lambswool is a natural fibre, soft, elastic; it does not itch, feels nice next to the skin and fine wool for luxury apparel. It is also odour resistant, durable and helps regulate body temperature. It brings style, comfort and performance and is known for its quality and versatility. 

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