Our Story 

Image by Tanner Yould


From the designs to the production and packaging

It all starts with an idea and what materials I want to incorporate into a design. I try to be responsible from the beginning of my creation about the materials I will be used before the idea is converted into authentic pieces.

As natural as possible.

I use almost only natural materials in my products. The natural materials are naturally biodegradable, leaving no detrimental effects on the environment. 

In addition, all other materials can be recycled.

How I make it

All products are designed and made in our Oxfordshire studio, by hand and using different types of machinery to complete the work. All designs are manufactured in small batches to ensure uniqueness and quality that lasts.  

Custom orders

By working together, we can also create from custom colour combinations to entirely new design ideas on request.

If you like one of the designs from the website; It can be made in desired colour combination—mix and match from over 100 colours and their shades. The length can be adjusted as well to suit your height. Please contact me if you have an interest.  

JF machine knitting .jpeg
Design Samples
Linen loom
Thread Spools


Materials are a very important factor in the process and impact our lives in different ways. 

We are committed to responsible sourcing and there are no nasty chemicals in the materials we use.

The yarn we buy comes from reputable companies with good environmental and ethical practices. It is animal cruelty-free and uses environmentally friendly dyes.

When it comes to textile, we only choose to work with certified materials, such as "OEKO-TEX" and "GOTS - global organic standards textile",

 All our printed products are printed using OEKO-TEX Eco Passport certified ink,

ECOCERT GOTS Certified Ink and CE EN71-3:2019

to ensure no nasty chemicals in our products. 

We also use only eco-friendly packaging.